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12/01/2016 - Product Focus


You will love it even more !

1) Because YES, you might have a sensitive skin!

As the Thermal water is so gentle, this is a great water spray for those whose skin is really sensitive and prone to angry flare-up. We ensure an almost instantly soothing and calming effect on all your skin irritations

2) Because you always enjoy a SPA at home

Discover our D.I.Y Facial masks: a Simple tissue or cotton pad soaked with Avene Thermal Spring Water, appied on your face for 10 mins.. enjoy an optimum hydration an soothing effect

3) Because it helps removing eyes makeup without irritations

Before pouring your eyes-makeup remova on a cotton soak it with some Avee Thermal Spring water. Apply the cotton pad 6 seconds on your eye (the time necessary for the product to catch your make up) and gentlly swipe it off. The Avene Thermal Spring Water will prevent the cotton to grip your skin and soothe this particularly irritated area.

4) Bacuse it doesn only set your makeup, but also gives it a great look !

Finish your majeup routine with a fine mist of Avene Thermal Water spray (hold it 30cm from your face and gently spray) and let it dry.

It will set your makeup and give your overall look a natural and luminous finish

5) Because it is travel friendly !

Jumping from one flight to another ? You know how dehydrated - with all the issues it brings along - your skin can get during long flights. Avene Thermal Water spray 50 ml is your best companion to not only give your skin that big sip that its craving, but also help sooth any redness or irritations

6) Because it is a thrist quencher

The Avene Thermal Spring Water will also be a saviour during and after workouts: to hep keep you going or to cool you down one done!

7) Because it is for all the family

Avène Spring Water is so safe on sensitive skin that it is used to treat patients as young as 4 months at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre. In fact, children make up 20% of the Centre's patients annually.

8) Because it is refreshing

Keep it in your fridge during the hotter days, for an optimum refreshing effect ! This is the best thing that happens to your skin in summer.

9) Because it is the base of all Eau Thermale Avene products

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