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31/08/2016 - Events

Read our Skin expert interview in Grazia, this July 2016 !

Interview of Marie Lamotte (Skin care expert, Avene)

Q: My skin seems to be allergic to th sun - I go red & get itchy breakouts all over. I use SPF religiously but I still can't seem to control the breakouts.

ML: Sometimes th sunscreen we buy is not the one best suited to our skin: specially if it's sensitive. Choose a Very High Protection (SPF50+) that will be both hypoallergenic, with dermatological properties. Avene sun care products offer an effective, broad-spectrum protection, are formulated to minimise the risks of intolerance, and its unique Thermal Spring Water will soothe the skin.
For Oily or combination skin, we recommend the SPF50+ Emulsion that has a great dry-touch texture, which leaves a matte finish.

Q: What is a basic skincare regime to follow if i have sensitive skin?

ML: Avene is dedicated to all sensitive skin type (we even coined the name back in the 60's), and all our products contain our precious natura ingreadient: the Avene Thermal Spring Water, which has soothing, anti-irritating anti-inflammatory properties.

In the morning and evening, you should eticulously clean your skin with a soapless product (Soap is a big no-no: it has very harsh and drying properties)

Dry skin needs extra protection, and you shouldavoid washing your face with waater, as it will increase dryness: choose a no-rinse off cleanser, such as Micellar Water or Cleansing milk.

Every morning, on a Cleanse Face, you should apply sunscreen.

Why? Because the is basically responsible for all your worries: skin drness, dark spots, uneven skin tone, premature aging.
It even worsens our acne.

Finally, in the evening, once you washed off all the stress and pollution of your skin, don't forget to moisturise

Read more about SENSITIVE SKIN here

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Avene Sun care DRY TOUCH emulsion SPF50+



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