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24/11/2016 - Press reviews

Cleanance range for oily, acne prone skin reviewed

SASSY SHIF SAYS, beauty blogger: November Favourites From Avene

With each passing month, my skincare regime changes and it adapts based on the climatic conditions around me. But one thing which stays constant is the un-skippable yet easy to remember steps that I follow religiously with all my heart every single day.

Amongst all the products I use, today I’ll be taking you through few of my personal favourites from Avene as they have clearly emerged as one of the leading skincare brand globally and for good reasons. It all started in a beautiful small village in Southern Francecalled Avene. Avene is situated in the most natural environment one can get with lush greenery all around. Such is the history of the brand that has been striving to excel with every product launch to bring forth revolutionary skincare products. So here are my November favourites from Avene :

Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser By Avene – The Cleanance range has been specially designed by Avene to cater to oily skin and at the same time hydrate it and retain moisture in the skin. The gel based soapless formula works perfectly on oily to very oily skin. It purifies your skin immediately with its gentle cleansing base. The monolaurin combined with thermal spring water regulates the hyper-production of sebum and you can see the effects on your skin within the first few days itself. I like the fact that it doesn’t rob off my skin of its natural elasticity and you won’t feel the usual stretchiness that happens immediately post any face wash.

Cleanance GEL

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray – I CANNOT live without this star product. I use this spray before applying any make-up, on my beauty blender and post my make-up is done for a clean and neat finish. It also makes my make-up last longer. It also regulates the hyper-production of sebum and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. The soothing, healing and anti-irritating properties of Avene Thermal Spring Water are famous worldwide and appreciated by many countries including America as one of the most trusted skincare formula. This spray can also be applied on waxed, bleached skin or post using a razor.

Avene Thermal Water spray

Cleanance MAT – Cleanance MAT mattifying emulsion is one of the best products out there for oily skin and for skin that produces excess sebum. You will notice the difference in your skin within the first week itself. I usually apply it on my face every morning and before going to bed. I have tried using this lotion beneath my make-up as well and it indeed works its magic. My skin won’t be oily that easily even with the make-up on and it will reduce your enlarged pores too. The best part is that you need just a little amount of the product to get it working.

Cleanance Expert – Cleanance Expert by Avene is known to reduce oil production and go into zit-killing mode only if it senses a blemish, which is about to pop up. This makes it one of my most favourite and trustworthy products as far as pimples concerns go. It is a lightweight, anti-oil acne and blackhead treatment that works on the target area specifically. I usually apply it on the zits and the area surrounding it. This product will not only reduce the pimples size but it will tone down the redness too. Since the texture is very light and mattifying, even if you apply it on your zits, there won’t be any visible dry patches over them. It will clear out your blocked pores and give you clear satin smooth skin within 1-2 weeks of using it. The Avene scientists were successful in mimicking an enzyme in skin that naturally exfoliates dead cells with a stabilized papaya enzyme called X-Pressin. This is a secret ingredient that works its magic on your skin.

Cleanance EXPERT
Let me know what you think about Avene and my November must haves from them. Have you guys tried out these products yet? Now back to spraying the Thermal Spring Water on my face and chilling in my PJ’s as I get down to more writing.

Read the article here:  http://www.sassyshifsays.in/november-favourites-avene/

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