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Product line Redness-relief

Formulated to prevent and reduce facial redness, these products are indicated for temporary and/or diffuse redness.

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  • Flushing is usually seen in people with a specific type of skin called “vaso-reactive”. Like skin color, vaso-reactivity is hereditary and more common in certain countries (like Scotland).

  • Certain situations can trigger “flushes” (redness and hot flashes). For example: food that is too hot, too spicy or eaten too quickly.

  • No! On the contrary….Beware of sunburns and the “heat effect”. It is recommended not to stay in the sun very long and to always use a high SPF sunscreen.

  • Antibiotics recommended for rosacea belong to the tetracycline family. They have been out for several dozen years and physicians know their effects very well. Many people (such as acne sufferers) have been treated for several months and the good tolerance of these drugs is well established. Your physician can tell you about the possible but rare side effects. Note: Tetracycline can increase sun sensitivity (and is not indicated for pregnant women and for children).

  • Lasers (there are several types) coagulate skin blood vessels and decrease their redness. The improvement in couperosis and chronic redness is quite noticeable. The procedure is not totally painless: There is a burning and tingling sensation during several minutes. Certain techniques (cooling, anesthetic cream) can help alleviate these symptoms.

  • Since it is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered. Before making a decision, you can get information about the cost, benefits and possible immediate effects (bruises, swelling), the number of treatments necessary and the post-laser care that might be needed.

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