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Remove makeup

Remove makeup

Completely remove makeup and impurities from your skin with perfect tolerance. Discover the products that are made for you.

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  • There are different types of birthmarks. You will need to check with a specialist regarding lightening your birthmarks. He will provide all the necessary information, conduct medical tests if necessary and you will know which treatments are available. Corrective make-up offers a very satisfactory solution to conceal birthmarks.

  • It depends on the scar.
    -If the scar is atrophic (depressed): Start by evening it out with a foundation cream, then use a concealer stick.
    -If the scar is raised: Start by evening out skin tone, top with a touch of foundation cream that is thicker and darker (darker layers seem to reduce the volume).

  • Since the color of the skin on the hands is often similar to the color of the skin on the face, you can use the area located at the base of the thumb (palm of the hand-back of the hand area). Apply the foundation to the lighter area. The shade that is closer to the dark area is the right one. If you prefer a lighter or a darker shade, select accordingly.

  • . Cleanse your skin thoroughly.
    - Apply a make-up base suitable to your skin sensitivity.
    - Neutralize flaws using the Concealer stick.
    - Even out complexion using a Fluid foundation or a Compact foundation cream
    - Correct localized flaws with a Concealer pen
    - Set make-up with the Mosaic powder
    - Highlight your face with the Mosaic powder used as eye make-up, the Eyebrow corrector pencil to highlight your eyes and the Duo lip and lip contour to brighten your smile.

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