Experience long lasting hydration.


Experience long lasting hydration.

Through daily exposure and aggressors (sports, public transport, pollution, screens, etc.), our skin becomes dehydrated. The result? It feels tight, loses its radiance and looks more tired every morning.

Both a sign and a condition of good health, moisturising is an essential daily step that guarantees radiance, freshness and comfort.

Our expert and complete Hydrance range, with its sensory appeal, offers long-lasting hydration to all dehydrated sensitive skin types.



Hydrating Aqua Cream-in-Gel

  • Intense and long-lasting hydration
  • An innovative water-gel texture

This all-in-one moisturising, soothing & detoxifying care product will bathe your the skin in freshness and hydration. In one application, it can be adapted to all desires and all rhythms of life: a day care, night mask or eye contour. Its promise? To restore the complexion's freshness and replenish the skin with moisture for 24 hours1.


My skincare, my hero!

3 actionsHydrates, soothes and detoxifies
24hof continuous hydration¹
97%Very fresh texture²


A tinted BB cream that is very easy to apply and leaves behind a clean result. Very pleasant throughout the day. I would recommend it.

Delphine, 18 years old02/05/2020

A unique combination of active ingredients

At the heart of our range

  • <h3 class="">Cohederm&trade;&#8203;</h3><p>Complexe brevet&eacute; &agrave; effet r&eacute;servoir d&rsquo;eau &agrave; fort pouvoir hydratant.&#8203;</p>
    Cohederm™​Complexe breveté à effet réservoir d’eau à fort pouvoir hydratant.​
  • <h3 class="">Eau thermale d'Av&egrave;ne</h3><p>Restitue toutes ses propri&eacute;t&eacute;s apaisantes et anti-irritantes.</p>
    Eau thermale d'AvèneRestitue toutes ses propriétés apaisantes et anti-irritantes.

An endless source of hydration

A high-quality patented complex: Cohederm™

The skin is composed of 70% water, so it needs it to stay beautiful and defend itself from the aggressions it faces every day.

The patented Cohederm™ complex of active ingredients is present in all the products in the Hydrance range and acts on skin stresses generated by dehydration. Upon contact with the skin and under the pressure of product application, the blend of active ingredients breaks down and releases this complex and Avène thermal spring water. Together, they penetrate the superficial layers of the epidermis to plump up the stratum corneum and provide a long-lasting, soothing sensation. 


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Hydrance moisturisers come in two textures, but which one to choose? Whether oily, dry or normal, all skin needs to be moisturised, but with the right texture and amount of water to prevent shininess or tightness. Each one has its own powers, so don't be fooled again! Discover the skin care product that suits you...



To nourish your dry to very dry sensitive skin, we recommend the Rich Hydrating Cream, with its rich, creamy texture, to deeply nourish the skin and restore lasting comfort and moisture.



If you have normal to combination sensitive skin, choose the Light Hydrating Emulsion for comfort and hydration without any sticky residue. Its secret? An airy, melting texture, to moisturise with a lightweight feel.


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Dehydration is linked to the deterioration of the skin's barrier function. The causes: hormonal changes, cold, wind, smoking, etc. To avoid damaging the skin's protective film, gentle hygiene is important: use soap-free cleansing products, avoid hot water and overly vigorous rubbing. Apply a moisturiser for your skin type every morning, a moisturising sleeping mask to boost hydration at night, and a moisturising serum at each change of season.

The basis of your routine will be the same all year round: gentle cleansing in the morning and evening, followed by a spritz of the Thermal Spring Water; a moisturising cream in the morning; in the evening, a moisturising, anti-blemish or anti-ageing treatment... In addition, once or twice a week, use a gentle scrub and a moisturising mask.
Adjust your routine to the changing seasons: add a moisturising serum and replace your day cream with an SPF50 moisturiser when the weather is nice.

We recommend a face care product such as the Aqua-Gel, which can be used as a moisturiser for day and night, as an eye contour cream and as a mask. And don't forget a micellar lotion, a thermal spring water spray and a BB cream to look good while protecting yourself from the sun.

¹Hydration kinetics 24 hours after a single application. 22 subjects. ²% satisfied, consumer test on 90 subjects, aged 18 to 60 years old (average age of 43), 21 days of use.

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