Avène Thermal Spring Water is naturally soothing, softening and an anti-irritant.

Thermal Spring Water

Avène Thermal Spring Water is naturally soothing, softening and an anti-irritant.

Its unique and optimal composition makes it an everyday ally in restoring comfort to sensitive skin or skin suffering from conditions.

It can be found in all the brand's skin care products, where it provides all its properties.

Thermal Spring Water Spray

50 ml, 150 ml and 300 ml spray

Thermal Spring Water Spray

Using the Spray means enjoying the benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water – acquired over 50 years of underground experience – with each spritz.

Used alone or as part of your skin care routine, it soothes, strengthens and restores balance to your skin and reduces its sensitivity by 30% in just 5 minutes¹.

Discover the Thermal Spring Water Spray

50 ml, 150 ml and 300 ml spray

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Proven effectiveness

More than 150 scientific studies have attested to the soothing properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water.

skin sensitivity¹.


in skin temperature in 3 minutes².

discomfort from the 1st application³.

5 min

increased skin comfort⁴.

¹ Dermatological study conducted on 6,368 people with sensitive skin following a superficial dermatological procedure. Evaluation for 7 days, with an application twice a day. Application of the spray by itself or in combination with medicinal treatments and/or other cosmetic products.

² Randomised clinical study of 10 adults with symmetrical couperose on the skin of the face, treated with superficial laser.

² Randomised comparative study carried out under dermatological control. 40 subjects who underwent a superficial chemical peel. Assessment of the effects of Avène Thermal Spring Water, with a low mineral content (266 mg/L), and comparison with a highly mineralised water (11,000 mg/L).

⁴ Evaluation of feelings of comfort before and after 5 or 10 minutes of a 30-second spray. Sensory analysis of four thermal waters with different mineral concentrations. Randomised, double-blind, comparative study. Comparison of waters two by two, each on one half of the face, on 36 women aged 25 to 55.

Several studies report benefits in cases of eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, or to help treat skin disorders induced by cancer treatments.

Dr Didier GuerreroDermatologist
When to use the Thermal Spring Water Spray

When to use the Thermal Spring Water Spray

Skin irritation, redness, make-up, sunburn... Your skin is constantly under pressure. As part of your routine, the Spray soothes, strengthens and restores balance to your skin on a daily basis.

At the source of your well-being? The Thermal Spring Water Spray.

What is thermal water?

It is a naturally mineralised spring water whose composition remains constant over time, making it suitable for therapeutic use.

It has a set of characteristics recognised by the French National Academy ofMedicine: soothing, anti-irritant, healing...

What gives these properties to Avène Thermal Spring Water is its mineral balance, its richness in trace elements, its optimal ratio between calcium and magnesium, as well as its unique microflora, Aquaphilus dolomiae—the source of active biological substances.


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Sterile barrier packaging

Each Thermal Spring Water Spray keeps the soothing virtues of Avène Thermal Spring Water intact, because it is directly connected from the source to the production site, thanks to drilling at its place of emergence, in the depths of the underground water tables.

It is packaged in a sterile barrier, a one-of-a-kind packaging process, and is not subjected to any treatment, thus guaranteeing complete purity and effectiveness. Preserved intact until it is first sprayed on your skin, Avène Thermal Spring Water sees the light of day for the very first time.

What are the origins of Avène Thermal Spring Water?

In 1736, the horse of the Marquis of Rocozels was healed after swimming in the Avène Thermal Spring, marking both the discovery of the spring and the start of its dermatological vocation. The therapeutic properties of Avène thermal spring water were quickly confirmed and spread to the surrounding area. It was then recognised as being of “public benefit” in 1874.

In 1975, Pierre Fabre Laboratories acquired the Bains d’Avène and created the brand Eau Thermale Avène in 1990.

This marked the creation of a wide range of dermo-cosmetic products.

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