Truly smooth the skin and achieve lasting firmness.


Truly smooth the skin and achieve lasting firmness.

At an age when each skin type has its own requirements, the choice of a tailor-made treatment is essential.

For more than 30 years, Avène Dermatological Laboratories have been accompanying women throughout the important moments in life, their "skin moments", and helping them to reduce signs of ageing without aggravating their already sensitive skin. The PhysioLift Anti-ageing range, formulated with carefully-selected active ingredients, offers anti-wrinkle, firming and long-lasting action in keeping with the skin's physiology.

Its comprehensive care program smooths out wrinkles that have set in and restores youthful firmness. So that with complete confidence, every day continues to be a promise.



PhysioLift DAY Smoothing Cream

  • Rich in Hyaluronic Acid
  • Smooths set-in wrinkles

A promise of effectiveness, comfort and sensoriality, the Smoothing Cream acts on the surface and deep down, on the loss of firmness, set-in wrinkles and deep furrows. It smooths wrinkles, tightens the skin and restores its radiance. Available in 2 textures: rich (cream), light (emulsion).


My skincare, my hero!

100%¹Smoother skin
97%¹Firmer skin
95%¹Pronounced wrinkles reduced



PhysioLift NIGHT Smoothing Regenerating Night Balm

  • Rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Retinaldehyde
  • Regenerates and firms the skin

During the night, the skin takes advantage of the time to regenerate itself. Thanks to the Smoothing Regenerating Night Balm, when you wake up, your skin is smoother and your dull complexion has regained its radiance: fresher and more luminous, it glows!




PhysioLift Eyes Wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles

  • Rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Retinaldehyde
  • Fills in wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark circles

Designed for the fragile eye contour area, this treatment features a unique patch texture that releases its active ingredients throughout the night. With its decongesting effect, Dextran Sulfate eliminates puffiness and dark circles for a fresher eye contour area as soon as you wake up and a brighter look for the rest of day. 



This is my favourite. After having tried many, many eye contour creams, this one suits me perfectly. Having fine lines of dehydration, I was looking for a very moisturising and, of course, effective eye contour cream. The results were significant for me, both in the short and long term. I’ve noticed a real improvement in my eye area; some of my fine lines have disappeared and others have been considerably reduced. I’ve been using it morning and night for two months now.

Nathalie, 41 years old17/03/2019


At the heart of our range

  • <h4 class="">Ascofilline&trade;</h4><p>Actif qui aide &agrave; restructurer la peau en la rechargeant en collag&egrave;ne.</p>
    Ascofilline™Actif qui aide à restructurer la peau en la rechargeant en collagène.
  • <h4 class="">Acide Hyaluronique&nbsp;</h4><p>Actif star. Comble les sillons profonds et repulpe la peau&#8203;.</p>
    Acide Hyaluronique Actif star. Comble les sillons profonds et repulpe la peau​.

Comprehensive action on the architecture of the skin

Each active ingredient in the PhysioLift range has been carefully selected by Avène Dermatological Laboratories. Thanks to its unique expertise in the use of Hyaluronic Acid for more than ten years, today Avène Thermal Spring meets two pressing needs of mature skin types: an immediate visible result and a long-lasting effect on the health and quality of the skin.

Recharged by this precious molecule, the skin appears both smoother and plumper. Combined with Ascofilline™, it helps the skin rebuild its structure from within. The skin is left feeling firmer and plumper. For night care, it is Retinaldehyde – a key active ingredient recommended for anti-ageing treatments – which takes over and recharges the skin with vitamin A, the vitamin of youth*.

Promising effectiveness, comfort and sensoriality, the multi-competent care products in the PhysioLift range act both on the surface and in depth, for a dynamic facelift with no mask effect. 

Treatments rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water with soothing, anti-irritant, and softening properties.




Do you have a question or concern? We’re always here for you

Physiolift treatments are formulated for women showing signs of skin ageing. In particular, they combat set-in wrinkles, loss of skin firmness and loss of radiance. If you notice these signs on your face, Physiolift products are for you. They will complete your anti-ageing care routine for a more intense action, helping to smooth out and plump up your skin.

Apply these products preferably in the evening. Indeed, Retinaldehyde, the benchmark anti-ageing active ingredient with clinically proven anti-wrinkle effectiveness, is photo-unstable, i.e. it degrades upon contact with UV light and thus partially loses its effectiveness. On the other hand, Retinaldehyde is not photo-sensitising, i.e. it does not increase the risk of sunburn.

PhysioLift products have been developed to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. However, if your allergies or intolerances are severe, we recommend using the Tolérance Extrême range or creams for intolerant skin. In any case, ask your dermatologist for advice.

¹Evolution of the hydration index of the Defining Day Cream by corneometry, 22 subjects with dehydrated skin, single application vs. control area. ²% satisfied. Consumer use test, 84 subjects between 45 and 65 years old (average age of 53), application of the Defining Day Cream for 56 days. 1 application per day.

*In-vitro test.

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